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Phone Interview - Questions and Answers Tips

phone interview tipsTechnology keeps improving every sector and every industry. Employers are maximizing on the benefits of technology to benefit their interview procedures. Majority of companies have embraced interviews over the phone. If you ask many people they will tell you that they can easily manage a phone interview better than a live interview.

This is a debatable fact but in real sense it is more difficult than it appears. Employers are using the phone interview to shortlist candidates that apply for jobs. The way one handle themselves during an interview over the phone will be a major factor to determine if they will proceed on. Many people fail to please the interviewers over the phone. Communication is a vital part of any business and if you are not able to convince your potential employer about your skills, it might be unfortunate. The interviewer will aim at getting as much information from you via the phone. This will determine if you will be invited for further interview. Be at your best and try and apply the following tips while taking a phone interview.


Seriousness - Treat the phone interview seriously

Let it be in your mind that this is just as serious as an interview in person. Most people have been caught unawares without being ready for a phone interview. When you are expecting a phone interview, make every necessary effort to be well prepared and ready for the interview. In most cases the interviewer will have informed you the exact time the phone interview will be prior to the call. Get all your details right and do a thorough research on your position in order to be well informed.


Cover letter and resume - Have them ready during interview

The reason you are probably getting the phone interview is because you had send your résumé to the company. It is important to have a copy of the cover letter you had sent together with your resume. The interviewer will want to get clarification from your documents. It will be disastrous if you cannot remember what was entailed in your documents. Having a copy of the documents will save you all the trouble.


Have notes

It is important to have a clear mind of the way you want to present yourself and the impression you want to create to your interviewer. Human beings tend to forget and especially in search an instance, there are very high chances you might not remember everything. It is important to have some notes written down before you start the phone interview. This will ensure that you do not forget any important detail that you want to communicate to your potential employer.


Bring out your best image

The phone interview depends on your voice to give an impression. Try to be as composed as possible and let the interviewer sense confidence in your voice. Listen actively and ask questions where necessary. You can laugh lightly to get rid of nervousness once in a while. Your next step towards your job is dependent on how you present yourself.

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